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Who's your new angry neighbor from hell house ?
The just angry man tried to run from city neighbouring silent! Why not say him hello for free? Just do not disturb neighbouring it cant be safe - prepare for tribal fear !!! What secret hide crazy hellish neighbours in House of Secrets episode 2 - new neighbor? Can You Escape with no fear from crazy neighbors from hell? Why behave so strange & evil? Good or Evil angry stranger lives near you? The neighbor from hell house in neighbor horror adventure hides something crazy in his evil home - someone find his secrets - now he need to run . Next door neighbor has lots of hidden mysteries & behave strangely. Look around his house for artifacts & open neighbouring hidden secret room doors to the mystery of mustard strange man - your new friend next house with strange behaviour...who's this guy next door? Your goal is taking part in the neighborhood escape adventure mystery game. Discover mysteries & secrets before say Hello to hellish neighbours ! Destroy hidden artifacts you can find in creepy neighborhood house to discover hidden secret room entrance, but don't disturb the crazy owner..he is pretty fast to catch you. Behave stealth & pay attention..or fast silent escape from city to make people free.

Say hello to the angry neighbor Mr. Bendy from your neighborhood nightmares!

In Episode 2 You will meet :

★ Angry Neighbour Mr. Benty - both scary mustard mystery man of the neighborhood 
★ Secrets to discover who's your next-door fellow from hell house ! Help him to run!
★ Item search stealth run gameplay
★ Angry New Neighbours with horror like behave Artificial Intelligence
★ Scary neighbouring atmosphere to fear
★ Horror Escape Arcade adventure game with elements & hidden objects such as stars to get more score!

Discover secrets of Mr. Bendy stranger & feel the fear

Goals of this horror adventure platformer game:

★ Find and collect glue for Mr. Bendy from the old home of hellish neighbours 
★ Bring em to destroy everyone who disturbs you at your sweet house of traps!
★ Find the entrance to the secret room and collect all stars and glue!
★ Be careful not to trap in stranger's hands from another world use glue to fight
★ Try do not disturb your neighborhood and get from your city

Your free hellish horror adventure starts here! Do you really know who's your next-door fellow? Can You Escape from hell house & find their mysterious crazy secret rooms and cellars?


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